Our Mission

The right pedal is the accelerator; put your foot down and together we can share your story with the world. Our singular goal is to tell your story in the most compelling way. We help your brand grow through content development, content production, creative consulting, artfully branded films, and pitch preparation & coaching. You will connect with your audience allowing them to understand your values, and perhaps more importantly, the people behind the brand. 

About Right Pedal Media

Right Pedal Media is led by Michael Kramer. We let him think he’s the boss but really, he’s just an amazing story teller who hired smart people.

With over a decade of experience in media production, Michael has produced content for both television and digital outlets. In television, he worked for successful shows like Top Gear and Shark Tank.

During his tenure at Shark Tank, he had the privilege of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them prepare their pitch and collaborating with them to share their brand story with an audience of millions. While in that role, Michael was incredibly honored to receive three Emmy Award wins.

Working with entrepreneurs and brands as a producer, content creator, and mentor is his greatest pursuit. Good thing, because he’ll do anything to keep telling stories. 

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